MaeBright Group, LLC works with state agencies, service-providing non-profits, businesses, schools, and communities that want to evaluate and improve the services they provide to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) people.

Ev Evnen     Director And partner

Ev Evnen joins MaeBright from a policy and research background, and heads data and evaluation activities. Ev holds an MPP and MBA from the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis. Throughout graduate school, they were involved in a number of diversity and inclusion initiatives, including work on the Heller Diversity Steering Committee. Ev has also worked with GLSEN as a Research Fellow, conducting research on outcomes from LGBTQ high school athletes. They hold a BA from Wesleyan University.

Missy Sturtevant, LCSW     Manager and founder

MaeBright was founded by Missy Mae Sturtevant, LCSW. Missy holds over a decade of training and facilitation experience. She studied social work at Wheelock College and has a BA in Psychology with minors in Health and Wellness as well as Theatre from Cedar Crest College. Missy has direct and macro level social work experience that includes policy research, youth leadership development, group home care, and inclusive comprehensive sexuality education. 

Taneekah Johnson    TC EXTRAORDINAIRE 

Taneekah Johnson is a community organizer, entrepreneur, and cupcake genius. She joins MaeBright with a BA from Clark University, and over 15 years experience in non-profit management, program development, and sales. In her role as TC Extraordinaire (Training Coordinator Extraordinaire) Taneekah serves as a driver, organizer, speaker solicitor; whatever it takes to support MaeBright's training efforts. 

MaeBright is dedicated to building a diverse network of trainers and public speakers to share their gifts and experiences in this field. We invite you to be involved and share your voice.


We are available for consulting, training, and technical assistance to create sustainable change and increased cultural competency. We work with state agencies, service-providing non-profits, schools, religious communities, summer camps, or any other groups and communities looking for our services.

Trainings and Opportunities

Therapist Training Series: Working with Transgender Clients

Together with therapists and experts, MaeBright has the goal of building capacity and support for therapists who work with or want to work with transgender clients across Massachusetts. We offer core trainings for skills for working with trans clients and specialty trainings with specific focuses on intersecting identities or areas of interest that rotate to different regions of the state. We are able to help agencies and groups of therapists who are looking for advanced or subject specific trainings schedule trainings. Sometimes we are able to offer trainings that individuals can sign up to attend.

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Speaking Opportunities 

MaeBright sometimes has speaking opportunities for LGBTQ people or the parents of LGBTQ children. We typically pay between $75 and $100 per speaking engagement, and can provide transportation support, and support before and after speaking. If you're interested please fill out this form. Speaking engagements are usually in Massachusetts, but also occasionally in surroundings states.  


At MaeBright, we believe in looking at working at all levels with a tailored service plan that fits your agency, organization or business. This could include any combination of services, tailored to fit specific needs. Contact us for a guide to our services and our Theory of Change. We'd love to talk to you more about what we do to help our clients create organizational change that benefits all your employees and clients.

Assessment of needs

Cultural competency training for staff, volunteers, vendors, and clients

Policy and practice recommendations

Training of trainers

Climate evaluation

Case consultation

Cultural competency ambassador programs 

Conference workshops

Speaker panels

Continuing education units



MaeBright works with state agencies and non-profits to evaluate and update services for LGBTQ clients. Many agencies are doing amazing work to help their clients and we want to help agencies and providers feel confident in the services they provide to LGBTQ and all clients. 


We are happy to support businesses that have LGBTQ employees or clients to evaluate and improve your workplace and services for those clients. We especially support businesses that have an employee that is coming out as transgender or gender non-conforming, or is a new employee. Also- many businesses are looking to make sure they have a welcoming work environment for people of all genders, even if there are no staff who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming yet.


For Massachusetts public schools, MaeBright is happy to connect schools to training and technical assistance services that may be free or low cost. We also support schools to evaluate their diversity, anti-bullying and harassment policies. MaeBright also works with schools that are private, outside of Massachusetts, as well as colleges and universities.

Religious Communities

We help religious communities looking to extend their welcome to LGBTQ people. MaeBright provides support for churches going through the Open and Affirming/Welcoming/Reconciling process or living in their Open and Affirming/Welcoming/Reconciling commitment, with special experience with the United Church of Christ. Director and Founder, Missy Sturtevant, was raised in the United Church of Christ and is still deeply involved as member of a UCC church and volunteers at a UCC summer camp.

Summer Camps

Many summer camps want to make sure their programs are open to all young people, staff, and volunteers. MaeBright offers support for camps to prepare a welcome especially to transgender and gender non-conforming campers, staff, and volunteers.


LGBTQ Resources in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is rich with resources for LGBTQ people and their families. Please check out and share our online database of the resources we are aware of - updated on a regular basis. This list includes service-providing agencies, online resources, books, and movies/tv shows with LGBTQ characters and themes (focused on youth-appropriate content). If you have a question, edit, or resource to add, please contact Missy at missy@maebright.com

Online resource link: tinyurl.com/LGBTQresourcesMA


We are happy to share handouts we've made and use in our trainings. Feel free to share these to anyone who might find them useful.

A Guide to Quickly Assessing Referrals for LGBTQ Competency

A Guide to Sharing Pronouns

Movies and TV Shows with LGBTQ Characters and Themes (with age appropriateness and content warnings)



Progressive Pioneers - Boston Spirit Magazine, January/February 2017 by Scott Kearnan

Ev Evnen, Director/Senior Data Nerd and Partner, is featured as an under-30 activist in New England who uses data and spreadsheets to improve services for LGBTQ people.

Our 150 Boston Women of Influence - YW Boston Blog, December 27,2016

Missy Sturtevant, Founder, is featured as a woman of influence in Boston, along with many other amazing women in the past and present. See #92!

Unjust: How the Broken Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems Fail LGBTQ Youth - Center for American Progress, Movement Advancement Project, August 2016

Missy Sturtevant, Founder, and MaeBright's work with the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services are mentioned in a Spotlight as an example of training making a shift in climate to support LGBTQ youth.

The New Sex Ed - Teaching Tolerance Issue 53 Summer 2016 by Alice Pettway

Missy Sturtevant, Founder, speaks on what LGBTQ inclusive sexuality education looks like.

Why Inclusion is Not Enough - (video) Ev Evnen

Ev Evnen, Director/Senior Data Nerd and Partner, speaks at the Building Inclusive Communities From Neighborhoods to Nations Global Conference 2015 at the School of Global Inclusion and Social Development at UMass Boston.

Mass leads on protecting LGBTQ Youth - Boston Globe on October 18, 2015 by Darlena Cunha

Missy Sturtevant, Founder, and Ev Evnen, Director/Senior Data Nerd and Partner, are quoted about MaeBright's work with the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services' work on behalf of LGBTQ youth.

Trans Day of Remembrance: Chance for ONA Churches to Widen the Welcome - Open and Affirming Coalition, United Church of Christ on September, 24, 2015 by Rev. Chris Davies, Rev. Kent Siladi, and Open and Affirming Ministry Team

MaeBright is mentioned as a resource for education and welcome in churches for trans identities.

Same Sex Marriage Ruling Just One Giant Step for Society - Hartford Courant on June 26, 2015 by Susan Campbell

 Missy Sturtevant, Founder, discusses next steps for LGBTQ equality.

Businesses Should Treat Transgender Policies as Good Business in 2015 - Time.com on January 14, 2015 by Darlena Cunha

Missy Sturtevant, Founder, is quoted in this article about best practices in business.



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