MaeBright works with government agencies to evaluate and update services for LGBTQ+ clients. Many agencies are doing amazing work to help their clients and we want to help agencies and providers feel confident in the services they provide to LGBTQ+ and all clients. 


We are happy to support businesses that have LGBTQ+ employees or clients to evaluate and improve your workplace and services for those clients. We specialize in supporting businesses that have an employee or new hire that is coming out as transgender or gender non-conforming. Many businesses are proactively looking to make sure they have a welcoming work environment for people of all genders, even if there are no staff who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming yet.


Non-profits often feel an additional pressure to be culturally competent. We are excited to support our non-profits clients create policies and practices that imbue social justice in the DNA of the organization. We also offer non-judgemental trainings to help all employees gain skills around providing LGBTQ+ culturally competent services to clients.


For Massachusetts public schools, MaeBright is happy to connect schools to training and technical assistance services that may be free or low cost. We also support schools to evaluate their diversity, anti-bullying and harassment policies. MaeBright also works with schools that are private, outside of Massachusetts, as well as colleges and universities. K-12 publicly funded schools in Massachusetts are able to receive free training and technical assistance from the Safe Schools program.